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Registered... but protected

Your contact details are secure with NotiFide: as you can read in our Terms & Conditions (Individuals), you control who can access your details and decide which individuals and companies you make them available to.

Registered... why?

You might be a member of a club, organization, or joint ownership, that needs to keep a convenient way to contact you at any time, no matter how often you change address.

You might have invested in a private venture ("holding ISF"(solidarity tax on wealth), "SCR"(venture capital), "SCPI"(real estate investment trust), etc.): here too, the promoter needs to stay in contact with you and send tax certificates, reports, summons and so on to the right address.

...and your free membership of www.notifide.com benefits all parties.

Finally, you might have signed a shareholders' agreement, in which case you know that your address is a contractual requirement: under "address for service" clauses, you have to tell your company and co-investors if you move home. If you forget to send x amount of recorded delivery letters, which is an expensive and timeconsuming process, you will miss out on important notifications and the opportunity to exercise your rights.

Now all that is unnecessary: with NotiFide, you can have documents sent to the contact details you specify at www.notifide.com (see our FAQ, question 5 "Practical examples of use")

Updating your details at www.notifide.com means that you can still be contacted at all times when you change address, saving you the hassle of sending recorded delivery letters.

Your identity

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This is the section of your records that will be visible to the people to whom you will grant access to your details.

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